Pilot Plant and Reactor Systems

Pressure Reactors / stirred Autoclaves

Buchi pressure reactors and stirred autoclaves are used for chemical reactions under pressure such as hydrogenation, polymer – and catalyst research in R&D Labs and for chemical production in Pilot Plants. Lab reactor systems can operate interchangeable glass - , high-pressure steel - and Hastelloy vessels of different volumes. Efficient (high viscosity) mixing is ensured by powerful stirrer drives with magnetic couplings.

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stirred Autoclaves


First API manufacturing plant in Kaliningrad, Russia

Inauguration of the first API manfucturing plant in Oblast Kaliningrad at INFAMED K LLC.
Büchi AG proudly supplied, installed and qualified the...

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Parallel Pressure Reactor - PPR
Watch our new movie about our Parallel Pressure Reactor - PPR


Make your reaction screening more efficient with our Parallel Pressure Reactor - PPR

• Parallel Pressure Reactor system with individual reactor...

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Standard control system
New standard control system

Büchi AG proudly presents our newest standard control system, suitable for all Büchi glass reactors systems!
With the fine-tuned combination, we offer...

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