Industrial rotary evaporators for pilot plants - Rotavapor®

Industrial rotary evaporators are used in pilot plants, kilo labs, scale-up facilities and production for the final process steps after synthesis such as evaporation (removal of solvents/ solvent recycling), distillation, concentration, re-crystallization and drying of sensible products.

We supply Buchi rotary evaporators from the market leading Swiss Manufacturer Buchi Labortechnik in volumes of 20 and 50 liters.


20 Liters Buchi Rotavap
Rotavapor® R-220 Pro

50 Liters Buchi Rotavap
Rotavapor® RE-250

20 Liters Buchi Rotavap Ex
Rotavapor® RE-220 EX

50 Liters Buchi Rotavap
Rotavapor® RE-250 EX

Recirculating Chiller F-125
to Buchi Rotavaps